Blog Niches That Make Money

Thinking of how you might make money with affiliate marketing, then one of the very first things that you do is find blog niches that make money.

Choosing the right blog niche does not only offer a higher guarantee for success, but it also makes it easier for you to come up with engaging content.

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What is a Niche and How Do I Find One

If you enjoy a particular sport or subject or if you are passionate about a type of hobby or profession then this should be your niche. It is simply a subject area that you can happily spend time in or doing, that you have an intimate knowledge of.

Any product, any service, or professional subject can prove to be a profitable niche. The real secret is to find something you take pleasure in, and will happily spend time talking about, that becomes your niche.

You will be able to create a ton of content because of your knowledge of the subject that interests you. Choose a niche within your passion or interest if possible, maybe it is sport, animals, lifestyle, alternative medicine, or finance, only you know this.

There are literally thousands of niches to choose from, and in this post, I will be detailing some of the best blog niches to choose for your affiliate marketing efforts, but first, let’s get into details on what you should look into when starting.

What is a Blog and Why do I Need One in my Niche

As a business, you rely on consumers to buy your products and services. If your business has an online presence like we are talking about here, then you need a blog so that potential customers can find you.

As a new business, setting up a website and blogging about different goods and services is giving your potential customers a virtual door to walk through to purchase what you are offering.

Without a blog, those same customers would not be able to find you So, the main purpose of a blog is to connect you to those potential customers that want to access the goods and services within your niche

Although most people confuse a blog for a website, the two are slightly different. The website is like a photo frame that holds a photo or in this case the blog. The blog is the content of a website or in this case the photo.

At their very start, blogs were mostly focused on personal details including information on topics of interest to the writer. Then people realized how good it was as a platform for sharing information.

Why do I need to Add New Content in my Niche

Blogging on a website allows you to get relevant information out to the people so they can buy their goods and services from you.

Blogs need to be updated with new content added regularly, which keeps your site fresh, therefore attracting more and more people to read your information. This is why you should choose a topic that you can comfortably write about over time.

Over time, you continually put fresh content (blogs) onto your site and you start to develop authority with search engines like Google and Bing. This authority gives you an edge over your competition as you are ranked higher and higher.

The higher ranking means more people will visit your site so after building an audience, you can now go ahead and monetize your blog. Sales will increase, and obviously, income will rise, so that over time you can build a massive asset.

How to start blogging within your niche

Starting a blog is pretty easy and is available to anyone. Nevertheless, it boils down to three key things.

  • Get a domain name, this is the address of your site.
  • Web hosting, which is the online storage for your site where it’s found on the internet.
  • The affiliate platform is the training and support needed to create the website and content for your blog without having to do any complicated coding.
  • My preferred platform is one that has proven over time to be the very best at what they do, their name Wealthy Affiliate.

How to make money from more than just the content

There’s a long list of ways to make money with a blog. The following are some of the common blog monetization methods.

Affiliate marketing: Including linking a personal code to products or services in your blog articles, also known as posts, helps you make commissions on sales that come from those links.

Selling digital products: This one’s diverse, you can sell anything from online courses to Ebooks, apps, software, printables, music, and a whole lot more.

Advertising: you can run ads using an advertising network such as Google AdSense, Mediavine, or selling the ads directly to different companies.

Services: Other bloggers start a blog to market services that they are already offering, and you can do the same too.

Personal skills: If you have such services as writing, coaching, photographer, or any other services, a blog would be an excellent way of giving you that much-needed exposure.

Selling physical products: By adding an online store to your blog, you can start making money by selling physical products just as you would with the digital ones.

Sponsorship: Another great way to make money with a blog is running sponsored or paid content from advertisers. This could be a blog post or social media posts on social networks.

So, what are some of the most popular blog niches

Once you start in your niche properly you will have endless content to make your site work. Here are just some of the niches that can make you money once you get down to blogging.


This niche is not only popular but also very broad so within lifestyle, there are numerous other topics that you can explore. This could be anything from college students, new moms, pet lovers, women, men’s health, home and garden, and a whole lot more

If you are a lifestyle diehard and considering starting a blog because this is an area of interest to you, then this should be a great pick. And yes, you can make a handsome amount of cash with any niche listed under lifestyle.

What’s more, with the ever-changing lifestyle in this time and era, you should never have to worry about what to write in your blog posts. Just make sure to stay up to date with what’s popping up on social media.


Travel could be under lifestyle but travel by itself is another monstrous niche and contains many valuable sub-niches that could prove to be very lucrative.

There are people who literally travel the world (Not Lately) writing about their adventures and making an income while doing so.


If there’s one broad topic that you can hardly exhaust, it has to be this one. Whether it’s recipes, grilling, baking, you will have a whole lot to write about on new posts.

You can also write about the choice of seasoning and ingredients for different meals. As an aside what about cooking equipment and kitchen tools, this is an extremly large and popular niche.

Since the pandemic took hold a lot of people are learning lots of different cooking methods and cuisines. Some even gong above and beyond the basic ones to learn about advanced cooking skills.

So if you want a niche with vast audiences, a cooking blog or equipment blog might just be all you need. There are tremendous opportunity to create a succesful website in any of these niches.

Personal life coaching

Lots of people live lives in despair at the challenges that may or may not lay ahead of them. Suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression is a terrible way to live, living with diagnosed anxiety is not just simply worrying, it is not something easily fixed.

Anxiety is being alone with problems and not being able to deal with them and people thinking that they don’t have friends and that their friends don’t care.

A lot of times these people simply need a shoulder to lean on and a reassuring voice, maybe a mentor. Maybe your skill is having compassion for your fellow human beings and an ability to lift people out of the fog they may find themselves in.

Life coaching is a huge business worldwide and a lot of money passes through this niche so certainly a good area if you can work within this niche.

Frugal living

While many people are blogging about how to make money, learning how to save money is just as pressing a need for so many people today, it is a subject for the ages.

Thus, this makes such a niche a worthy vein to go into if you want to get into blogging about money matters. It is not difficult to gather a lot of information that you can bring to the table to assist people in need

Chances are, you are wondering whether this is indeed a significant topic to blog about, but the reality is, saving money is among the biggest niches on Pinterest.

Let’s face it who doesn’t want to improve their personal finances and maybe have a few dollars left over when the next paycheck arrives. Ok Gates and Zukerberg, maybe not.


Parenting is never easy, and most parents are always on the hunt for ways to take care of their kids the best way they can, which makes this niche a mainstay for many bloggers.

Well, it could be for you too, as there’s a whole lot to write about on this topic, from pregnancy tips to how to be a mom, through a whole massive range of baby care products.

And it gets even better since the number of products for parents that you can use to make money with your blogging is in the hundreds of thousands.

Newborn babies and Child Care

Just like the parenting niche, this comes across as yet another great niche to blog about, and one that is every bit as profitable.

From baby strollers to nipple cream, baby bottles, clothing, and a whole lot more, there will always be a wide range of things to write about when it comes to babies and childcare.

More moms are out to learn about how to take care of their bundles of joy every new day. This presents a great audience to write to, educate, share the love and fun with them all while you make money—it’s a win-win.

Health and wellness

They say health is wealth; and a large number of people are going to extreme means to keep their health in top form. This makes health and wellness a great niche to dig into when you decide to blog.

What makes this niche even more profitable is the fact that it’s a universal topic that many people know about, so you will be communicating to a chunk of people the world over.

Whether you decide to go with eating healthy, living fit, foods and beverages, and other topics that will help your audience stay healthy while you make money, there will always be more frontiers to explore in this niche than you can exhaust.


Wedding is yet another event that most people would go to extremes to make the most out of, and this makes blogging about it a lucrative venture. While most people dream of their big day and look forward to it, the actual prep isn’t an easy feat.

Such tasks as choosing the ideal dress, decoration, venue, ring, and everything else can be a daunting undertaking.

Now, people are willing to read, research, and spend a great deal of money on all these to make their big day one to remember.

That presents the perfect opportunity for bloggers who know about weddings and their planning. Maybe your just the person help that lucky couple put it all together.

quote, the quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket


If you are considering making money online as a blogger, then any of these niches will make a good start. I selected some easy ones to start without any considerable expertise or knowledge.

If you have an interest, and preferably some knowledge about a certain topic, you should be good to go. Pick the best niche that best reflects your interest, and start building your niche today.

If you have any more questions about blog niches that make money, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.


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  1. There are so many niches to pick from that would be very fascinating to anyone who reads about it. There is some. real money to be made when you dedicate your time and effort to doing better as you go on with building out your favorite niche. 

    However I have a love of the health and wellness niche for a long time, and my interest has been in this area. Seeing all these other money-making niches is very interesting, and I liked your post very much. 

    • Hi JMason, all niche areas have the potential to generate substantial money, and I totally agree with your point that you need to dedicate your time and effort into working on your niche. If you choose to work in an area that you have a real interest in then it becomes much easier.

      The health and wellness area is a huge market and you should pick a segment of that market so that you can focus on a particular sub-niche. I wish you well on your journey. 

      Thank you for your comments,Shane.

  2. Hello Shane! This article right here is an absolute beauty!  It is safe to say you have outdone yourself on this one with all the information you have packed in. I enjoyed reading through it. I can truly say this article has a lot of resources to help an affiliate marketer get off to a good start!  Now we can sink our teeth into this and really go to work

    • Hi Josh.I am very happy you enjoyed reading this article. There are numerous niches to choose from, and all of them need some basic information and learning to make them successful. I love the affiiate marketing niche in paricular, and I choose the Wealthy Affiliate training and business platform to build my business.

      Thank you for your great comments, Shane. 

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this post here. Knowing some of the niches that make money can be the difference for us who are starting out. The niches you have shared here are just amazing for us to get started here and I will definitely try to put in my best effort. Blog niches are just perfect for us to begin our online journey and making our interests align with our niche will always make the difference over time. Thanks

    • Hi Lisa, choosing a niche that you love is a great way to start here, something you have a deep desire for will give you the motivation and the momentum to become successful in that niche. All the best with your journey, I wish you well, thanks, Shane.


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