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Let’s check out WordPress, the quick and easy website builder that may be the ultimate software partner for your website, and for getting the results quickly.

One important fact is that WordPress allows someone with very little training to build a professional website and have it live on the internet in less than 60 minutes.

5 years ago my working background was in construction, so I have come from an area that was certainly not in the technology space, My prior experience of website builders at that point was zero.

However, If you’re like me, willing to spend some time learning all there is to know about WordPress, you will never need anything else to provide you with the tools to create any website you want in any niche.

With its beginnings in around 2003 WordPress today powers around 35% of the internet, that’s around 500,000,000 websites. 

These numbers are astonishing and will continue to multiply as more of the world’s population gains access to the internet.

WordPress is the largest CMS or Content Management System on the planet and overall growth happens at an amazing rate. 

A worldwide phenomenon that is available to the majority of the worlds population in over 100 languages 

If world renown television and communications giants use WordPress for their Content Management systems, it is good enough for me

This is one hell of a big deal, and I know it is going to be super-fast and super-reliable, and suitable for what I want to do with my sites.

This is simply fantastic, the software is so well put together that any user is easily guided every step of the way, a newbie will enjoy the clear cut easy to follow instructions.


There are around 8,000 themes in the WordPress Portfolio so picking one that suits your business and style is only a click away. There are some truly wonderful themes to enhance your online presence.

Add a professional and sophisticated look to your websites by choosing a theme that is relevant to your niche or simply has the better look and feel about it.

This can then be developed further to produce the most amazing website. My personal choice is Generate Press, the reasons are simple.

Speed is a huge factor in successful websites, search engines like fast loading websites. A small install of less than 10KB keeps your page slim, nimble, and fast.

The styling options available in GP and the control you have in the overall layout is second to none, it allows you to adjust virtually all areas of your site to enhance the visuals of the site as well as the functionality.

If you have an existing page builder that you cant do without, then GP will allow it to work seamlessly together with whatever page builder you use.

And lastly, GP also works well with most plugins and will play nice with them. This is a real worry sometimes, but GP works beautifully overall. A lightweight, fast, and responsive website is a reality using this software together with WordPress.


There are tens of thousands of plugins for WordPress, plugins give your site a more far-reaching feature-rich performance than other CMS. Check out the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Plugins bring your site to life and also creates a lot of automation on your site by doing many tasks that would have to be done manually by you. This eliminates a lot of wastage in time spent doing repetitive steps which just takes too much time and effort. 


A hosting service from a reputable company will give your website access to the internet and allow it to function correctly in real time, WordPress works best in a rich hosting environment.

There are many different hosting companies you can choose from and each have features and benefits that will suit all our needs, the majority meet the WordPress minimum requirements.

For my WordPress sites, I need reliable support, speed, and plain good old fashion service. I use and recommend Wealthy Affiliate as my hosting company.

This includes the process of downloading the software onto our computer. Once WordPress is set-up it doesn’t mean you can’t move your website. This can be freely done between different hosting companies.

Technical Support

Tech Support is an area in which I can’t live without when it comes to the seamless operation of my websites. Although support at WordPress is good the support at Wealthy Affiliate is amazing.

To have 24/7 online support from professional web experts forms a major part of the overall successful online operations of your business and something you can enjoy while being a part of the online world..


There are a couple af areas that could cause some concern from time to time and I will touch on them now. 

One is that you need to update the software quite often, this is simply done with one click per update. This in itself is not an issue at all, but some people may even find this small process a nuisance.

Personnally, I know that these software updates happen so I simply do them when they show up and this forms a regular part of my site maintenence.

Another is plugins, mostly they work amazingly well but like the software need updating regularly each time the developers add new code, once again not a big deal.

While on plugins, care needs to be taken on the number and compatibility of plugins, generally most issues arise when a plugin won’t work with another properly and wants to go and do its own thing and compromise everyone else.

These bad playmates just need to be removed from the game and all will be well again.


WordPress has regular updates and maintenance, in my book, this is good practice. My sites work extremely well and I am more than happy to suggest anyone looking for a website builder that is first-class, to go with WordPress.

It is lightning fast, easy to use with beautiful professional themes, powerful features, and customizable designs there is simply no better.

Check it out, you will not find a system that can do more for you. For effective and efficient websites, WordPress is my recommended Content Management System.

If you have any more questions about the quick and easy website builder, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi, 

    I am a WordPress user and I totally vouch for the wonderful platform that it is. In fact, I would go a step further to say that it is actually the best because 40% of sites are built on WordPress, and it has stood the test of time. There are many other platforms available, some of which look really fancy too, but none can match the user friendly operation, the reliability, and sturdiness of WP. 

    Thank u for a nice review of WP. I got to know stuff that even I didn’t know, and I have been using it for years.



    • Hi Aps, I too think that WordPress is the best website builder there is, it is simple and easy to use and what you can do now with WP these days is awesome. I apreciate your comments, thank you and all the best, Shane.


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