Website Monetization Strategies

With the emergence of the internet and a whole new digital age, a lot of new doors have opened especially when it comes to earning money online, and knowing some of the best website monetization strategies gives you an idea of what’s possible in this new age

There are a lot of ways of earning money online, and some of the most common and perhaps pathways lie within the monetization of websites that people are building to feed the information hungry internet. 

Website monetization is basically earning an income from the websites that you create. In simple terms websites can be created for free. That is why this has been one of the hottest ways to earn money in this time and age.

But how do you do this? How can you be a part of this dynamic and lucrative market? Don’t worry because, in this article, I will be guiding you with the Top 12 web monetization techniques that you can do on your own. So if you are interested in making money online, then join me and read this article.

Affiliate Marketing To The Masses

This has been one of the most common ways of earning money online. Affiliate marketing is simply creating a website that promotes or reviews certain products and/or brands.

That means that on your website, you post the products/brands that you are promoting, along with a link that redirects your interested readers to the site where they could buy it from, like Amazon.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it has the potential to become a massive passive income, which means that you could be earning an income while sitting on a plane even when you are sleeping or sitting on a beach.

==> A Simple 4 Step Process To A Successful Affiliate Business

Step 1 Choose an interest or passion that you enjoy and would be comfortable being associated with.

It may be something you know a lot about or it could be an area that you have no personal experience with.

Step 2 Build a website in the niche of your choice and when your niche is something you enjoy it becomes very easy.

Starting the process of building a website these days is quite simple and following the training and support that is readily available will have you up and running in no time.

Step 3 Showing and leading people to where they can get the best solutions to their problems is the best way to get traffic.

By giving them honest opinions about certain products and services they will buy from you and become loyal customers.

Step 4 Now that your website is up and operating and your affiliate marketing efforts are underway. This step is the money step and how do we do that.

Using the correct website monetization strategies you can use any number of ways to generate an income on your website. This is all very simple and not as difficult as you may think.

This is my number 1 recommendation for creating income online and the one I spend my time building today. I strongly suggest you take a look here at Wealthy Affiliate for more information that could positively change your life.


  1. Passive income
  2. Easy to start and to operate
  3. You can start for free


  1. Not all products are good sellers so pick your niche

Advertising On Your Web-Page Free Spaces

Do you have your own website or blog? If so, then you should seriously consider putting up ads on your web-pages.

Yes, I know, we all get annoyed by those advertisements on the corners of a website especially when we are researching something. However, putting up ads on your websites is a very effective way to earn money online.

This technique has been used successfully by many others including most major corporations and is still being used by most websites and organizations (say, for example, Youtube).  

The more views, traffic, and clicks you get from your websites, the more money that you will receive. This is also a passive income since all you really have to do is put up the site online.

But of course, you also have to create high-quality content so that there will be more people who will click on your website.

Additionally, don’t fill up your entire site with ads alone. Find the right mix of the number of ads that would easily support and blend into your web-page’s layout. 

Google AdSense is perhaps the best advertising program out there that would let you put ads on your sites for free. If you have a blog/website that is already up, don’t waste those precious blank spaces.

Another good organization is Mediavine, these are excellent money making strategies, so put up a few ads on your site to earn even more bucks.


  1. Passive income
  2. Possible even if your web-page is new
  3. Usually for free


  1. Some ad networks require large amounts of visitors before you can join

Selling Your Own Product For Profit

The internet truly changed the way our world works. It made everything a whole lot easier, you can sell virtually anything online today.

With the traditional in-person way of selling your products, you have to worry about the lot or space where you will put up your physical store. This will also cost you more compared to just completely shifting online.

Building your own website is one way forward here but there are a lot of sites that allow you to sell your products, however, this could come at a cost. 

Other than removing the burden of looking and spending for a decent place for your physical store, your products could also spread to a wider audience because of the internet’s global reach.

This means that more people can potentially recognize your products. But first of all, to set up your very own online shop, you need to actually have products to sell.

If you have a hobby of sewing clothes, baking cookies, creating shirt designs, or perhaps taking commissions on painting, then for sure you can make a profit out of it through online selling.


  1. Start it for free
  2. Wider reach of buyers
  3. Set your own price for your products


  1. You have to think of a product that would sell 

Local Marketing Local Business Websites

There are a lot of local businesses that would need some assistance in promoting their products. Creating websites for local businesses in your area or city is a fantastic way of earning money online.

A lot of these businesses are willing to pay you good money to help them reach more people on the internet. Setting up websites is simple and fast when you follow online platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate.

You might need some knowledge about advertising, web design, and graphic designing since these local businesses might want a certain look for their website.

So join a training program to learn the teckniques and skills nessesary to build websites and use local marketing as a terrific income producing long-lasting home business.

If you already know how to do online marketing, then this job might be the most ideal one for you. The income can become cery strong and stable the more clients you work for. Plus, this is mainly a work-from-home set-up.


  1. A lot local businesses that you can apply to
  2. Stable income
  3. Work from home


  1. Might need some experience with marketing and graphic designing

Teaching Courses And Personal Coaching

Online coaching has also been one of the best website monetization strategies out there. Just like online selling, the internet simplifies everything you need when doing actual face to face coaching.

Aside from reaching a lot of people because of its virtual set-up, the payments, visual aids, and all those other processes that happen during the coaching sessions are now much faster and simpler than they once were. 

It is not the easiest thing to do, since there’s a lot of preparations required in this mode of profession.

However, this can also be one of the best ways to earn online, especially if you really love the topic that you are teaching to your customers.

This can also be used by actual coaches who conduct their sessions in real life. The online platform can be a medium for them to offer their services to more people while still being able to do face to face classes.

So if you are a pro or a beginner who has a strong passion for teaching, maybe it’s time for you to go online and create a website for your services.


  1. Faster transactions
  2. Wider audience
  3. Easier to record sessions for future use


  1. You need to be good with technology and its technicalities 

Write and Sell and E-Book Be Your Own Publisher

This one is for those of you who have talent in writing stories and novels. If your passion is with writing, then creating your E-Book might just be the perfect thing for you.

E-Books are now very popular especially with teens who are very inclined to their cellphones. With E-Books, readers can now bring 5 or more stories on the go without it taking up much space from their luggage.

That is why most people prefer to go buy and download electronic books instead of the usual paperback ones. If you love writing, then you should definitely try creating your own E-Book and sell it online.

You can name the price for your product since you are the one who wrote it. You also don’t need to send it to a publisher with the possibility of rejection, since you can just publish it on your own. 

It is always nice to earn from doing something that you love. Writing books might take a very long time, depending on the writer. But if you created something that the readers would love, then for sure, all your efforts would be duly rewarded.


  1. Has been popular lately
  2. No more limitations from publishers
  3. Do it at your own pace


  1. You have to create a story that would really sell

Email Lists To Grow Strong

Although this monetization strategy might not be the easiest or the one with the most fun in it, this technique is still one of the most used by various businesses.

The goal here is to create a list of subscribers that would be interested in the product that you are selling. Of course, the more subscribers the more money that you will earn.

In convincing your potential buyers, you should be able to know what to prioritize in constructing the email.

Try taking up their shoes, what do you think they would want to see immediately? What would be the factors that would contribute to their decision?

It would require a lot of work, but if you do this correctly, you would be earning a lot online. Everyone is now using emails to communicate with one another.

As long as you were able to properly market your product and target the correct audience, you will surely be able to earn with this technique.


  1. Free to do
  2. It can also be quite simple
  3. Can be a very stable source of money


  1. Content of the email should be crafted well

A Virtual Assistant For Everyone

Working from home has been more and more popular lately, and being someone’s virtual assistant is just one of those jobs that you can do now in the comforts of your house.

A virtual assistant is just basically doing administrative tasks without physically being in an office. You still set appointments, create schedules, answer and make phone calls, and write emails for your employer.

This has been a trend lately especially for small businesses that are only starting up in their industry since this will keep their costs low by having a virtual office.

Almost anyone with a good work ethic can do this online job. You just need to be fully committed to what you are doing. Upwork is just one of many.

Sometimes, your employers would also require you to be very proficient in English and also know some basics with graphic designs.

But all those things can be readily learned now. If you want work that will give you a stable source of income while still staying inside your home, then this remote job is perfect for you.


  1. Stable income
  2. Good wages can be earned
  3. Open for almost everyone


  1. Tasks can be quite heavy and may require working full-time

Build a full lesson on Marketing And Profit

As ironic as it gets, teaching other people about marketing actually sells online. Most people, especially those who want to start up a business, would love to know how to do it effectively.

If you have any experience with marketing, then sharing some tips online would give you more income than you would think. But even if you don’t have that much knowledge about it, you can always learn about it from scratch. 

But having those experiences and diplomas to back you up will certainly boost your credibility a lot.

People will trust you more and take up your courses because they know that you are someone who has a good background in marketing.

In building the lessons, you might need to create your own modules which will take up a lot of time and might require good graphic designing skills. But again, this skill can easily be learned online.


  1. High-paying
  2. Easier to conduct than actual lessons
  3. Payment transactions are faster


  1. Would require a good background in marketing

Writing Jobs Can Be Lucrative And Stable

If you love writing but creating a whole novel isn’t your thing, you can still earn money online through various writing jobs.

There are a lot of writing job opportunities out there on the internet, like article writing, copywriting, and blog writing. They can also be both part-time and full-time for those people who need to work on a schedule.

You really don’t need that much experience needed as long as you can write really well. Having some credentials would certainly help though, especially if you are applying for an actual company.

The pay varies with your employer, but usually, with this work, you will be able to find a stable income with a flexible schedule. Try iWriter or one of the many platforms

You just have to make sure that you write your articles well, meet all of your deadlines, and communicate with your employers as much as possible.


  1. Work part-time or full-time 
  2. Doesn’t need that much experience
  3. Stable source of income


  1. Some tasks might require you to do more research about the topic 

Become a Youtuber (Youtube) Show Your Talent

Now, if you are the type who loves to create video content, then you should definitely start posting them on Youtube.

The Youtube platform has grown big ever since, and a lot of people are now making money out of their videos.

From being a vlogger to making video tutorials, and even video reviews of films, earning money in Youtube isn’t that complicated.

One thing you have to make sure though is that you get a lot of views from your videos. That’s how you will be able to cash out some bucks on Youtube. You can also put ads to your videos which also gives you more income. 

That is why it is important to create high-quality video content that your target demographics would enjoy.

You should also know the rules set by Youtube in creating and posting videos, because it can be demonetized if you don’t abide by their standards, especially with copyright.

But honestly, the way it works is pretty simple, plus it can also be a source of passive income if people still click and watch your previous contents.


  1. Easy to do
  2. You can post videos for free
  3. Passive income


  1. You need a lot of views and subscribers to earn money

Social Media Business Is Smart Business

Various social media platforms have now evolved from being mere sites where people could meet and post things to also being a marketplace. 

There are already a lot of Facebook Pages that sell various products online, as well as Instagram Shops that sell preloved clothes to their followers.

It is a very effective place to sell your products since a lot of people could see it, especially those who follow you.

With the help of your friends, they can also share it in their respective accounts, making your audience wider.

You can also post it for free, which is always a big plus when you are trying to start up a store. You can sell a lot of things online, like old clothes, stickers, and even new shirts that you designed yourself.

So if you are planning to start an online business today, you can always create a social media account for it. You can even just use your own personal account if you find it a hassle to make a new one. 


  1. Very simple to set up
  2. Friends can help you reach more people
  3. You can start for free


  1. You might encounter some bogus buyers


Earning online has become a huge trend in recent years and will continue to grow as our world changes and that’s for a good reason to take stock of your situation and look at the opportunities that exist for all of us.

Truly, having the internet opened a lot of opportunities for those who want something different. It simplified the way people can earn money even staying at home.

Most of the ones I presented are self-employed jobs, but some of them are also from established businesses already that need people to work for them remotely.

If you try hard enough and do some research on these strategies, for sure, you will be able to find the perfect strategy that works for you.

Besides, isn’t it nice to gain some experience working early on without that much pressure or cost? That kind of experience really helps in boosting your confidence.

So if you want to start earning now, completely online, walk with me as I introduce you to affiliate market and the developement of your own websites.

My number one recommendation and the next step is to check out the platform that I use to successfully generate income. The company is Wealthy Affiliate take a look there is no cost involved here.

You never know, you might actually score big and establish something bigger along the way. All you got to do is try it what have you got to lose.

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